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How To Build Your Own AirBnb Platform & Monetize With It

17th August 2016 | 9pm – 10pm

No matter what you may think, it’s possible for you with no coding knowledge to learn & build your own startup platform. 

There are literally hundreds of AirBnb for X, Instagram for Y and Uber for Z. Find out why most fail, and how you can avoid that.

You may already have an idea, great! In this webinar, the 5 best platform business niches will be revealed to you.

The most valuable part of the webinar, ask any questions related to tech, programming, and startups during the live Webinar.

How To Break Into A Data Science Career

Learn how to break into a data science career and use big data at your company.
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Created by Dr. Lau Cher Han. 2019