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[Infographic] – Why You Need To Learn Data Science

by | Jun 8, 2016 | Data Science

Have you noticed the recent rise of data science courses and jobs? As you’re reading this post, take a look at what’s around you. Chances are you have your smartphone next to you, a smartwatch strapped on your wrist and a tablet packed in your bag.

Today, many things & devices around us are connected to the internet. Not limited to only your phone, watch or tablet, even our TV set or gaming consoles these days are connected to the internet.

This gives us and (usually corporations), the ability to analyze data from these devices. And that process of collecting, analyzing and interpreting data would be known as data science.

So why it is important if you’re not a business owner or programmer? This data science infographic below will explain the importance.


data science infographic

Data science infographic – Why you need to learn data science



I always tell people that data science is for everyone. It used to be only something big corporations look to do but given the accessibility business people, startup owners or even individuals have nowadays, it’s actually quite easy to get started on utilizing the power of data science to aid your business or to grow yourself as an individual.

What are your experience in extracting and analyzing data? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.

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